Podcast guest

Episode 1: Aaron Watson


Welcome to the Nock Deep Podcast. In Episode 1 we bring you up to date with who we are. We discuss hunting with country music artist Aaron Watson and his son Jake. Aaron brings with him humor, lessons, and a love of family that left us pushing the time envelope. 

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Episode 2: Mathews


In Episode 2 we welcome Ryan Winchel and Jancyn Lepke from Mathews archery. This episode brings you laughs, archery talk, food talk, and an all around good time. This episode will have you ready to go cook!

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Episode 3: Alex from Chama Chairs


Episode 3 brings Alex from Chama chairs to the show. This light hearted interview is a lot of fun. Don't worry its a quick listen full of laughs. 

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Episode 4


Nock Deep Episode 4 covers Optics. Ever wanted to learn more optics? Listen to our no bull opinions.

Episode 5


In this Episode we get the break down from our friends at Mathews. Learn about their 2019 bows and hear about our friends hunts. .

Episode 6


In this episode we talk arrow weight, spine, FOC, etc.